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Original Bootcamp

What is Original Bootcamp – “we want you to succeed!”

Here at Original Bootcamp, we’re bringing it back to basics: a leaner, fitter, more functional YOU!

We are an outdoor-based group fitness training system; the first of it’s kind in Malaysia that offers a creative infusion/blend of heart-thumping HIIT (High - Intensity Interval Training), Cross Training, Kettlebell-inspired concepts and bodyweight drill progressions that are structured on the scientific principles of strength and conditioning.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We believe that varying high-intensity workouts will give you the best results, whilst implementing unique training tools such tyres, ropes and sandbags (to name a few). We employ team-building techniques to get our "recruits" motivated! “Always thinking outside the box”

We are on a constant search for continuing education so that we can bring you new and fresh training tools to challenge both your mind and body.

Combining the military - inspired elements of discipline, motivation and team camaraderie, this training system is scalable for all fitness levels, from the beginning exerciser to the elite fit. If you bring 100% commitment, we will not let you fail. If you’re willing to change, positive change will happen.

Led by a dedicated team of professionals made of Sports Science Minds, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and experienced Personal Trainers, we are passionate in creating a positive and motivating environment to give you that social support you need to take you to better fitness.

Not to mention also, it’s extremely FUN…

What You Can Expect?

* A stronger core and less troublesome lower back.
* A noticeable positive change in body shape
* Greater functional strength in life and sport.
* Increase in lean muscle mass (think athlete!)
* Increase in muscular endurance, coordination, speed and agility.
* Improved sense of discipline